Frankincense & Rose
Botanical Skin Care
Norwich . Vermont
Creams, Lotions, and Gels

My skin care products are designed for luxury and pampering, as well as healing and regenerating. They are all hand-crafted from high quality, organic and fair-traded oils, butters and floral hydrosols.  The essential oils used are chosen for their healing, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerating properties as well as their gorgeous scents.  Each ingredient has a purpose, there are no superfluous ingredients, fillers or extenders in any of my products.  Click on each product for more details.


Frankincense & Rose Facial Moisturizer

This is my favorite skin cream, containing a wide array of skin healing botanicals and the precious oils of Vermont-distilled frankincense and Bulgarian rose. A small package that packs a punch - a little goes a long way!


Miracle Cream

Helichrysum essential oil has an amazing ability to soothe and heal. This is a light-weight face cream that can be used as a regular daily moisturizer or as a secret weapon in your herbal medicine chest: soothe achy joints, or treat bruises and scars with the synergistic combination of helichrysum, chamomile, lavender and rose hip seed oils.


Cucumber Rose Eye Gel

Gels! Cool and refreshing, soothing to puffy eyes, excellent foundations for make-up! All in one tiny package!


Lavender Rose Shea Butter Lotion

My idea of the perfect body lotion is one that lasts all day.  This is it!  Rich in shea butter and jojoba oil, it's got a built-in support team of aloe vera for soothing, silk protein for conditioning, and glycerin for moisture-retention. And it has a light, clean scent!


Coconut Gardenia Silky Lotion

A light-weight, silky lotion for body and face.


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